Sunday, February 16, 2014

Spice Up Your Life

It's been ahile, innit? Welcome back, Mel C and Mel B.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Non Dates

There's a boy I know, he's the one I dream of....

And so goes the Whitney classic, How Will I Know? And the question stands: how WILL I know, if he really loves me? And it's true, I DO say a prayer with every heartbeat.

There's this guy that I've had a crush on for awhile. I met him a few years back at a birthday party, and we started hanging out this last year. Out of nowhere, he started calling me out for coffee and brunches and movies and now whatever! But each time we've hung out, everything Seems like it could be a date, "you pick the movie, i'll pay!" but at the end of the night, it's just two friends hanging out, or as I now call it, a Non Date.

So we've had several Non Dates. We went to a whiskey tasting event last night together. And he states that he wants a boyfriend. Well that's nice. I wanted one before too, but this year I'm going to try to focus my energies on other things in life.

Anyhow, it's been nice to hang out with him. I'm not as obsessed with him as I have been with other guys in the past - can you tell I've learned my lesson??  There are some good parts of getting older and wiser.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Be Thankful

I know some friends who are going through some very difficult times at the moment. One is dealing with his parents going through bankruptcy and having to take care of them. Another is living with cancer and just had to get his leg amputated. And I just found out that another friend just lost her 19 month old nephew in a car accident, while his 3.5 year old brother survived but has to get spinal cord surgery. 

Sobering times, and a good reminder to be thankful for the things you have. 

Monday, January 13, 2014

Charley Harper

I was introduced to the work of Charley Harper by my coworker a few months ago and am quite interested in his work! It's got that retro mid-century feel that I enjoy, which makes sense since he was a Modernist. I find it fun and aesthetically pleasing to the eye and it brings me joy to look at it. What do you think?

Friday, January 10, 2014

Rockwell Kent

Hello!  I feel a return to form coming on. With things like Facebook and Twitter falling to the wayside (have you heard about those studies saying that kids these days no longer find them cool?), it's nice to know I have a lovely home here on the blogosphere to return to.

I'm starting off the first post of the year, and hopefully there'll be more to come, with the image that I used for my Christmas card this year. It's by American artist Rockwell Kent, and I totally just printed it out on some stock paper at work and gave those out. Gorgeous image!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Summertime Sadness

Hi. I haven't been here in awhile.

I am currently suffering through a bout of depression.

I have seen two therapists and they have both told me the same thing: I need to leave my job.

So, there's that.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Update on my Face

So I've been using the Paula's Choice products for over a month now and I gotta say, things have definitely improved! In fact, I've even gotten compliments on my complexion!! So, suffice it to say, I am a convert and I wholeheartedly endorse the Paula's Chocie line of products!!

Monday, February 25, 2013

I Want My Face Back

I have adult acne. It's not extreme or anything, but it's annoying enough to tamper with my self esteem.

Problem area? The Chin.

I don't know if it's stress or hormones or if it's because sometimes I don't shave and the oil from the facial hair gets all blocked up or if it's because I shave too much and it aggravates the skin.... whatever the case, I can't remember the last time when I had a clear complexion.

For years I had used the Neostrata product line. My friend Michael worked at a cosmetics counter had told me to use it, as he praised its wonders and prowess.

It worked, for the most part. Recently though, it's been losing its efficacy. And this is many years of me using this product.

I went traveling last month and I brought along with me this little sample face wash that I had mopped from a hotel somewhere. It was the Fabulous Foaming Face Wash from BLISS. I used it during my weekend away and noticed that it was doing wonders for my skin. So I went out and bought a bottle of this stuff.

However, it wasn't working fast enough and I was losing my patience and really wanted my chin acne to just GO AWAY ALREADY.

I FaceTimed with Michael, who is now living in Toronto, and is training to be an aesthetician. So he tells me to drop the NeoStrata and to get on board with this new product he's learned about called Dermalogica. It can only be purchased online or in spas, and he said he would send me a list of products that I would need and once used, my skin would be like MAGIC.

Hefty promises, I know. I went online and found these products and was aghast when the total amount came up to over $360. WHOA. Let's just think about this for a minute. I decided to do a bit more research on this product before I drop all that money on it. 

So I found myself on the Cosmetics Cop website, Paula, who writes those books "Don't Go To The Cosmetics Counter Without Me." I had heard about her before, and she basically reviews every product that's out there and tells you what is good and what is bad. 

Dermalogica? BAD. She points out that this product is OWNED by an Aesthetician School !  Ah-ha! So my friend was basically getting brainwashed by his school to help sell their product. She says it doesn't do anything for your skin and really only exists to make rich people feel like they are purchasing high-end products when they go to the spa. 

I cancelled my order immediately. 

I then read to see what she had to say about NeoStrata. BAD!! It turns out, they use all sorts of fun chemicals that probably do more damage to your skin than good. Yikes! To think that all these years I've been using that junk on my face.  GREAT.

Then I looked up BLISS, and for this product, she actually gives it a GOOD review, saying it's affordable and is good on the skin. 

Still, I needed help with my cystic acne. Paula now has her own line of stuff that she sells, under the name Paula's Choice. So I ordered a bunch of stuff, and the total came up to about $60. That is manageable. 

(I know these are all very first world problems, but it's not like these are the only things I care about or talk about in day to day life.)

Anyhow, I'm going to see how this Paula's Choice line of products works and will keep you posted on my progress!! Acne and zits, be gone!! 

What do you use? Does it work?

Friday, February 22, 2013

How To Survive a Plague

I watched this documentary, How To Survive a Plague, last week and was so moved by it. I used to do HIV/AIDS work, so it was awesome to see all this footage from the 80s by the first AIDS advocacy group, ACT-UP in New York. This film documents its humble beginnings all the way to the momentous changes it had a hand in creating. The passion and rage is inspiring to see, I mean these people were literally fighting for their lives.

Nominated for Best Documentary at this weekend's Academy Awards, I hope this film wins an Oscar, it certainly deserves to, if only so that more people out there could see it. If you want to go see it, it is available on PPV on some cable systems, on Netflix Instant, iTunes, Amazon Instant, YouTube, Google Play, and Playstation, with the DVD coming out February 26!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

February Playlist

Here's what's been on repeat on my iPod as of late:

Sky Ferreira - Everything is Embarassing 

I love the 80s beat it's got going on here as well as the somewhat melancholy lyrics/vocals. Her EP has a few songs on it, and each one sounds drastically different from the other. One is indie, the other pop, the next one like a song Garbage might do. This one is my favourite though:

Goldroom featuring Say Lou Lou - Sweetness Alive

If there's a song that's ready to bid goodbye to winter and head into some sunshine, then this is it! Dancey, light, and optimistic. Perfect for the year ahead!!

Tegan and Sara - I Was a Fool

Okay, I can't be happy ALL the time, right? This is what I turn to in my moments of doubt and feeling sorry for myself! It makes me think of The Guy, and although I'm over it these days, it still smarts every so often. Tegan and Sara's lyrics couldn't have said it any better: "I stood still, it's what I did... love like ours just never fits, I stuck around... I saved you every time."

Goldroom - Angeles

Catchy, but not annoyingly so. More Goldroom here to help set the mood for when I want to do a bit o' writing or times when I want to shake my booty and feel all sexytime!

Janet Jackson - Dream Street

Yep, we're gonna go WAY back here. I just like the funky 80s vibe it has and it hasn't been overplayed yet, so there's that.  This is Janet's first video ever, even before Control. Most people don't even realize she had two full albums before Control!

Ke$ha - C'mon 

Finally, the entire KE$HA album, Warrior, has been making my 2013 thus far!! It's a total party album and gets me into that carpe diem, YOLO, let's go crazy kind of mood!! Thank you Ke$ha for ushering in the new year with kick-ass songs to dance and feel empowered to!