Wednesday, March 30, 2011

C is also for Cologne

I forgot to mention in my big C post the other day that C is also for Cologne.

Namely, Comme Des Garcons and Chanel.

Chanel Allure for Men is a scent I've adopted since wearing it has produced some positive reactions, whether it's the VP of HR stopping me dead in the halls and grabbing my wrist and demanding, "WHAT IS THIS YOU ARE WEARING!!!? I NEED TO GET IT FOR MY HUSBAND!!" or if it's a cute boy who took me home one night and spooned me all night long.

So during one of my online shopping frenzies - brought on by my up and down bouts of being depressed and succumbing to retail therapy, I went on eBay to try to find a good deal on a bottle of this magic potion. However, everything on eBay was pretty much the same price as if I had bought it at the shopping mall, so why bother?

So I decided to look up some other colognes to see what deals I could find. Armani's Acqua di Gio is a popular one, that I wouldn't mind having but because of it's mainstream attraction, the auctions on eBay for it garner a lot of bidders and push the prices up to basically again, retail value. So what's the point, really.

Then I remembered the designers Comme Des Garcons which my Toronto friends introduced me to. I wondered if they had any scents. Lo and behold, they do! I've never smelled any of them though, so this would be risky, to buy a cologne, scent unsmelled. I did a bit of research and read about their different lines of fragrances and settled on their 2 Man series. One review described it as smelling like "leather" which sold me immediately, so I found a bottle for dirt cheap and bought it.

It finally arrived the other day and I have been wearing it since! Thank goodness I like the smell of it too! And, a hot coworker of mine asked me about it the other day and I was more than happy to tell him, though I had to resist the urge to hold my wrist up to his face for him to sniff at.

What are you wearing these days?

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