Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year's Eve - December 31, 2011

What did you all do last night?

I went and ordered some Indian food for take out at this little dive down the street. I had some butter chicken, vegetable pakoras, rice, and naan bread. Delicious! I took it home, watched a musical movie called The Fantasticks, which starred Joe McIntyre from NKOTB, and was written by Tom Jones, and it was a little bit less than Fantastick.

I mean, I've seen worse musicals, trust me. So, it was okay, but it's not something I'd recommend, not even to those musical buffs out there.

I did get invited to some parties, but I declined the offer because I didn't want to deal with getting home afterwards. Taking the bus loaded with loaded people was not appealing, nor was trying to hail a taxi on New Year's freakin' Eve from downtown Vancouver.

Instead, I flipped from channel to channel, watching all the celebrations around the world. I stayed up just till 11:45pm and just felt so tired, that I retreated to bed to thumb through a magazine and to manage the text messages I was getting from people who were out and partying it up. I reveled in the fact that while friends were out getting plastered and trying to find a way back home in the chilly night, that I was warm and toasty in my bed! And best of all, no hangover today for me!

Looking back on the year, 2011 was fantastic. Highlights that come to the top of my head includes meeting two amazing Australians. One, of course, was Kylie Minogue!! Dream of a lifetime come true! Wow Wow Wow Wow!! And second, was the Aussie in Vegas who helped change my life and helped me get over THE GUY, finally!!!! So, I've been in touch with him still and hope to see him again in 2012 when he's done his job over in South Africa/Ethiopia/The Congo. 2011 also brought me the United Way and took me off my hell job for a good 5 months, and introduced me to amazing people and the beauty of charity. It's an experience I will never forget, never be able to replicate, and I definitely plan to keep in touch with many of the people I met during that time!

2011 had: me attending 2 Kylie shows (San Francisco and Vegas), meeting Jake Shears of the Scissor Sisters at his Tales of the City musical, old friends visiting from out of town, meeting new friends from all over the world!, crazy coworker drama, amazing trips to NYC and Toronto, progress on my children's book and meeting my editor, way way way too much drinking, Ke$ha, NKOTBSB, Britney, & Katy Perry concerts; my first Indian wedding, Outgames, the death of a wonderful coworker (you are missed), fostering kittens and the amazing Mr T, WILSON FUCKING PHILLIPS live in concert!!!!, miming on Halloween, Grey Cup, bird sanctuaries, and making memories with my amazing wonderful beautiful inspiring gorgeous lovely stunning thoughtful splendid fun interesting supportive spectacular friends. Thank you all for a wonderful year and I look forward to creating more memories with you in 2012!

Hope all of you who partied or did something chill had a blast and happy new year to everyone!!

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