Sunday, February 12, 2012

Whitney Memories

So Whitney Houston passed away this weekend. Wow. It's shocking and unreal to me. I wasn't this taken aback when Michael Jackson died, or when Amy Winehouse died, or when Elizabeth Taylor died. I guess because I never was a huge fan of any of those celebrities so it didn't really affect me too much.

However, with Whitney, it's different. She's a singer I listened to while growing up. She helped form the soundtrack to my younger years. Whether I was dancing in my room to I Wanna Dance With Somebody or clubbing at the gay bars with friends to It's Not Right (But It's Okay, I have more than a few memories that are attached to Whitney.

My earliest memory is from 1987 when my brother and sister-in-law took me to go see Whitney Houston live in concert during her Moment of Truth Tour. She was promoting her second album, Whitney, at the time. I remember thinking that I was bored, because Madonna was my favourite singer at the time and here we had Whitney, who just stood in the middle of the stadium on a circular stage in a leather mini skirt and sang. That's it? That's it. I was too young to appreciate what I was seeing, what I was witnessing. She didn't need rubber bracelets and backup dancers. She had her voice and that was all she needed. As a memento, I still have this tourbook from that concert, and it is now displayed on my coffee table in tribute to the fallen star.

Whenever I hear songs from The Bodyguard soundtrack, I always think of my friend Ivy, who loved the movie and made me go to the theatre to see it with her, even though she had already seen it once or twice already. To this day, she will watch that movie every time it comes on TV.

Finally, a memory I cherish finds me on the dancefloor in my 20s at a club called Le Queen, in Paris, with Momma! We didn't know what to expect when we stumbled into this dance club right on Les Champs Elysees. It turne out to be a foam/soap sud party that night, and they were playing a mishmash of music, including Kylie Minogue's Hand On My Heart, which I freaked out to because who ever plays that!? We were having the time of our lives and they put on Whitney's Love Will Save The Day which made it all that much better!

The world has lost a bright light. What are some of your Whitney memories?

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  1. She will always have a very special place in my heart and life. And, that's all I can write without breaking down in tears... again.