Tuesday, February 19, 2013

February Playlist

Here's what's been on repeat on my iPod as of late:

Sky Ferreira - Everything is Embarassing 

I love the 80s beat it's got going on here as well as the somewhat melancholy lyrics/vocals. Her EP has a few songs on it, and each one sounds drastically different from the other. One is indie, the other pop, the next one like a song Garbage might do. This one is my favourite though:

Goldroom featuring Say Lou Lou - Sweetness Alive

If there's a song that's ready to bid goodbye to winter and head into some sunshine, then this is it! Dancey, light, and optimistic. Perfect for the year ahead!!

Tegan and Sara - I Was a Fool

Okay, I can't be happy ALL the time, right? This is what I turn to in my moments of doubt and feeling sorry for myself! It makes me think of The Guy, and although I'm over it these days, it still smarts every so often. Tegan and Sara's lyrics couldn't have said it any better: "I stood still, it's what I did... love like ours just never fits, I stuck around... I saved you every time."

Goldroom - Angeles

Catchy, but not annoyingly so. More Goldroom here to help set the mood for when I want to do a bit o' writing or times when I want to shake my booty and feel all sexytime!

Janet Jackson - Dream Street

Yep, we're gonna go WAY back here. I just like the funky 80s vibe it has and it hasn't been overplayed yet, so there's that.  This is Janet's first video ever, even before Control. Most people don't even realize she had two full albums before Control!

Ke$ha - C'mon 

Finally, the entire KE$HA album, Warrior, has been making my 2013 thus far!! It's a total party album and gets me into that carpe diem, YOLO, let's go crazy kind of mood!! Thank you Ke$ha for ushering in the new year with kick-ass songs to dance and feel empowered to!

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